Forest Plantations

Evaluation of Farmer Woodlots

Evaluation of farmers woodlots in the aspects of growth and effect on farmers
Thilina Jayarathne and Upul Subasinghe
Paper presented for the 14th International Forestry and Environmental Symposium 2009
The total forest cover of Sri Lanka is estimated as 32% from the total land area. More than 50% of this area lies in the dry zone where the original forests have been cleared drastically.

Timber Production of Rubber

Timber production in high density planting of Hevea brasiliensis (Rubber)

Kelum Silva, Upul Subasinghe and Lakshman Rodrigo

Changes of Branch and Crown Characteristics with age for Mahogany

Changes of branch and crown characteristics with stem parameters and age of Swietenia macrophylla (mahogany) even-aged monocultures

Shyanika Lakmali and Upul Subasinghe

Analysis of management issues of Dawatagolla Forest Plantation, Sri Lanka

Analysis of the current management issues of Dawatagolla Forest Plantation to make recommendations towards multiple-use forestry
Fareena Rusaik and Upul Subasinghe

Construction of a stem volume prediction model for Eucalyptus grandis

Construction of a stem volume prediction model for mature Eucalyptus grandis plantation in Pidurutalagala of Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
Kandiah Selvarathnam and Upul Subasinghe

Effect of diameter on volume measurements of Pinus caribaea

Effect of diameter on volume measurements of Pinus caribaea
Samangi Hewage and Upul Subasinghe

Plantation Forestry in Sri Lanka: Challenges and Constraints

Upul Subasinghe (Presidential Speech, Institute of Biology Sri Lanka AGM, September 2007)


Construction of a Volume Growth Model for Alstonia macrophylla

Construction of a precise growth model to predict the individual stem volume of Alstonia macrophylla
Rangika Bandara and Upul Subasinghe

Variation of Stem Taper of Teak

Variation of stem taper with age for Tectona grandis (teak)
Mohomed Nafees and Upul Subasinghe

Taper is the rate of change of diameter over a specific length along the tree stem. Taper varies not only by species, but also by dbh, tree height and other tree parameters. Taper is important for the foresters to predict the upper stem diameters especially in volume calculations.

Construction of a complete yield tab;e for Eucalyptus torreliana

Construction of a complete yield table for Eucalyptus torelliana using the height-age relationship
Menaka Thirunadarajah and Upul Subasinghe