Dr. Upul Subasinghe has been grated 1.1 M for Sandalwood Research by National Research Council in December 2011

Recognising the value of sandalwood research conducted in Sri Lanka by Dr. Upul Subasinghe, the National Research Council has granted him Rs. 1.1 M for further sandalwood research in 2011. Dr. Subasinghe will conduct this research project with the collaboration of Mr. Dhanushka Hettiarachchi of the Wescorp Sandalwood Pty Ltd in Western Australia and Prof. John Fox of the University of Curtin Technology, Australia.

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Hettiarachchi, D, Gamage M, Subasinghe U.  2010.  Oil content analysis of sandalwood: a novel approach for core sample analysis. Sandalwood Research Newsletter. (25):1-4.srn_025.pdf